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    John 1 (displays whole chapter)
    John 1-2 (displays both chapters
    John 1 - John 2 (same as above)
    John 1:3 - 2:4 (displays verses starting with chapter 1 verse 3 and ending with chapter 2 verse 4)
    John 1:3 - John 2:4 (same as above)
    John 1:3-5 (displays verses starting with chapter 1 verse 3 through chapter 1 vs 5)
    H1234 (displays the Strong's definition for the Hebrew # 1234)
    G1234 (displays the Strong's definition for the Greek # 1234)
    Jesus (searches for "Jesus". all search terms assume boolean AND, i.e. "Jesus Christ" assumes "Jesus AND Christ". an word without a number is interpreted as search).

    Terms Excluded from Search Index

    "us", "these", "her", "saith", "shalt", "let", "do", "your", "we", "no", "go", "if", "at", "an", "so", "before", "also", "on", "had", "you", "there", "then", "up", "by", "upon", "were", "are", "this", "when", "thee", "their", "ye", "will", "as", "thy", "my", "me", "have", "from", "was", "but", "which", "thou", "all", "it", "with", "them", "him", "they", "is", "be", "not", "his", "i", "shall", "a", "for", "unto", "he", "in", "to", "that", "of", "and", "the"


    multiple lookups can be made using a semicolon as a separator, i.e. "Ruth 1; g1234; Jesus").

    The list of results in the main window are sortable, just click and drag to reorder them.

    All Greek/Hebrew cross references translations are taken from the 1933 Webster's version and often are not the same as the KJV translation.

    All source materials were taken from the Zefania XML Bible Project on SourceForge.

    Any Errors and Omission you find would be appreciated. Please contact me via